Responsible Stewardship


Rayonier strives to be the preferred employer in the forestry industry. As such, we are committed to creating an engaging and rewarding employee experience, with an emphasis on embracing the power of teamwork and diversity, supporting employee growth and development, empowering employees to act like owners, creating a culture of wellness, and making safety a priority in everything we do.


Workplace Safety

Safety is a way of life and a cornerstone of Rayonier’s culture — our key guiding principle is that all of our employees and contractors should return 电子货币交易软件home safely each day. To achieve our safety culture: 

  • We employ a systematic, four-pronged approach to developing and assimilating our safety principles: 1) set goals, 2) communicate effectively, 3) identify preventive measures and 4) provide proper tools and training.

  • We conduct meetings throughout our organization aimed at addressing key safety issues. This program continuously emphasizes the importance of reporting every injury, hazard and/or near-miss so we can take appropriate corrective actions to prevent recurrences.

  • We offer a variety of safety courses each year in areas such as: defensive driving, proper chainsaw use, ATV safety, CPR certifications and first aid, emergency evacuation, slips, trips and falls, overhead hazards, fire prevention, internal reporting of safety incidents, general forestry requirements and various other safety topics.

Like most timberlands owners, we generally engage contractors to perform various critical functions, such as the planting of trees and the harvesting and hauling of logs. Our safety management programs are designed to use a collaborative approach to focus on both employee and contractor safety. For our employees, driving is generally deemed to be the most hazardous activity associated with our business given the geographic dispersion of our assets.

However, for our contracted workforce, activities associated with tree felling, extraction of logs and log transportation are the most critical risk areas.

In New Zealand, workplace safety is regulated by the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015, and our comprehensive safety management program includes both employees and contractors pursuant to local laws. While similar regulations do not exist in the United States, we have taken proactive steps to promote safe work practices among our contractors.

Specifically, we have initiated a program with our U.S. contractors to better educate them on safe work practices. Initially, the program focused on building trust and strengthening relationships with contractors to establish an open dialogue about safety issues.  We have continued to build on the program over time and it now includes safety alerts, tailgate meetings on safety topics, education on BMPs, Safe Start Meetings and our contractor safety near miss / incident reporting program.

In 2019, our contractors published 14 safety alerts and completed 63 training courses on safe trucking. While we have been pleased with the response to this program to date, we believe that there is still much more that we can do to better educate our contractors on safe work practices. Overall, we believe these initiatives will ultimately contribute to a safer workplace for everyone—both Rayonier employees and the contractor workforce that supports our business.

See Rayonier’s safety statistics, Total Recordable Incident Rate and Lost Time Injury Rate.


Employee Wellness

Our employee wellness program, Stay Strong, is designed to promote the overall health and well-being of our employees by providing education, resources, and a financial investment in our employees’ wellness. Stay Strong employs a comprehensive approach centered on four key areas: Health and Well-Being, Financial Wellness, Work-Life Balance and Emotional Health.

Examples of ways we support our employees’ and their families’ wellness include:

  • Comprehensive benefits package, flexible work arrangements and generous paid time off.
  • Free annual onsite health screening and counseling for employees and their spouses/domestic partners.
  • Up to $500 annual wellness reimbursement (e.g., gym membership, nutritional counseling, etc.) for each employee.
  • Monthly wellness workshops and resources, including Weight Watchers and smoking cessation programs.
  • Financial wellness program with access to one-on-one financial counseling and retirement planning.
  • Free onsite gym facilities.
  • Training programs designed to help maintain healthy working relationships and reduce conflict.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Rayonier is focused on promoting an inclusive and diverse workforce as we believe this plays an integral role in maintaining an engaging employee experience. We embrace and encourage individuality, where employees with different backgrounds, experiences, demographics and behavioral styles feel included and comfortable sharing their perspectives and ideas.

We have established a diversity and inclusion task force to further enhance and improve our efforts around promoting a diverse and inclusive culture where all employees feel supported, empowered and valued. This team includes a diverse group of employees from different functions and geographies along with three members of our senior leadership team — our CFO; SVP, Forest Resources; and VP, HR & IT. With input from all employees and support of an external DE&I consultant, this team will identify opportunities to further enhance inclusion and equity, guide policy objectives within our organization and identify initiatives to help increase diversity within the broader forestry industry. Implementation and oversight of our diversity initiatives is led by our senior leadership team, along with our Board of Directors.

To enhance inclusion, all employees participate in diversity training programs along with development programs such as DiSC™, which provide employees with the skills and insights to work effectively with others towards mutual success. In addition, our managers participate in unconscious bias training.

The forestry industry as a whole, including U.S. forestry college degree programs, has historically found it challenging to attract ethnic and gender diverse candidates. We are seeking to change that and have initiated actions to increase the diversity of qualified candidates, such as:

  • Forestry career events. In each of our locations, our employees participate in career events and educational activities that target students as early as elementary school. By example, in 2019 we hosted a Forestry Career Day event in Nassau County, Florida for 200 high school students from four schools. Students participated in interactive labs and were given an opportunity to meet with forestry vocational and bachelor degree programs representatives.
  • Funding support. We help fund forestry awareness programs such as the Florida Forestry Teacher’s Tour and Project Learning Tree, an environmental education program.
  • Student scholarships and sponsorships. We support and fund efforts to attract and support forestry undergraduate and graduate students/programs. In 2019, we established and funded two forestry scholarships through Alabama A&M University, a Historically Black College and University (HBCU), and the University of Florida, which centered on fostering inclusion and diversity.
  • In New Zealand. We participate in similar youth education programs and career events, and have funded forestry scholarships through the University Of Canterbury since the year 2000.

See Rayonier’s current employee demographics.



Rayonier is committed to contributing to and having a positive impact on the communities adjacent to our forests and where our employees live and work. Our support goes beyond simply donating money to a good cause—it is also about donating our time, educating the public and creating opportunities in areas where we operate, which are often rural. Each of our regions—the U.S. South, U.S. Pacific Northwest and New Zealand—coordinates volunteer efforts and philanthropic investments, which generally support initiatives across two common areas: 

  • Community Outreach and Support: Communities become stronger when its members, including our employees, contribute.
  • Education: Educate young people and the public about sustainable forestry and help build a talent pipeline for tomorrow.

See our employees’ volunteer efforts and major categories comprising Rayonier’s financial donations in 2019. 



We view culture as an asset and are very intentional in how we build and nurture it. The key cornerstones of our culture are safety, integrity, empowerment and collaboration. We encourage our employees to “act like owners” with a long-term mindset, and we seek to empower our employees by pushing decision-making down in the organization. We strive to ensure every employee has a sense of belonging and purpose, and that they feel supported and valued. We believe that fostering a healthy culture is critical to achieving our goal of being the preferred employer in the forestry industry.

Collaboration and inclusion are both critical to building a healthy culture. We use various tools to help foster employee engagement and promote an inclusive culture, including development programs such as DiSC™, Unconscious Bias, Emotional Intelligence, Situational Leadership and Conflict Management.  We believe that these programs provide employees with the tools and skills necessary to work effectively with others towards mutual success.

In an effort to assess our overall employee engagement and to better understand our employees’ perspectives on our culture and overall employee experience, every two years we conduct a company-wide employee survey to provide anonymous feedback to management, supplemented by ad hoc pulse surveys throughout the year. Survey results are benchmarked against our third-party provider’s global database norms and are also reviewed with our Board of Directors to help set non-financial goals for management.

In our 2019 employee survey, we are proud to have exceeded the survey provider’s global benchmark norms in every category, including our top-tier participation rate of 98%. Key strengths identified in our 2019 employee survey include safety, culture, purpose / vision and wellness. We saw solid improvements in areas of focus from our 2017 survey including learning and development (17 percentage point increase) and knowledge sharing across departments (13 percentage point increase). While our overall scores are strong, our employees identified a number of key areas where we can continue to improve, including cross-departmental collaboration, career advancement opportunities and employee recognition.


Employee Development

Recognizing that our people are the foundation of our success, Rayonier strives to foster an environment that embraces and promotes employee growth and development. Our focus is to unlock the full potential of our employees by ensuring that they have the necessary skills and capabilities to achieve their professional goals, while also preparing our next generation of leaders. In order to achieve these objectives, we provide career development planning tools and resources focused on individual development and management continuity. These plans help to identify additional experiences and training necessary to build on technical, behavioral and leadership competencies that are essential for an individual's long-term success.

We offer a comprehensive approach to training and development which includes micro- and on-demand learning, classroom programs, coaching and mentoring, cross-functional assignments and conferences. We also provide a tuition reimbursement program, which reimburses 80% of the costs of approved degree programs. Additionally, our Senior Manager, Employee Experience and Development serves as a dedicated career advisor to employees.

For our current and emerging leaders, we provide robust training programs and development opportunities that enhance leadership effectiveness. Our training programs include classes on supervisory skills, performance management, coaching essentials, situational leadership, leading with a strategic purpose, team leadership, conflict management and sales & marketing for leaders. We also provide executive coaching and 360 degree feedback programs on an as needed basis to further enhance leadership capabilities.

Our development programs are an integral part of our succession planning. Our succession planning program involves identifying key leadership positions throughout the organization, and identifying development activities to ensure we have a pipeline of talented professionals prepared for these roles in the future. We report on our succession planning and development progress to our Board at least annually.