Responsible Stewardship


Board of Directors

Rayonier’s Board of Directors oversees the company on behalf of shareholders and stakeholders. The board operates within the framework of our published Corporate Governance Principles and committee charters. We believe these documents reflect practical application of good governance. Rayonier is guided by what our board believes are the best practices for the company given its particular circumstances and challenges.

As it specifically relates to ESG, our initiatives and disclosures are overseen by the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee of the Board of Directors. We are in the process of building a long-term plan that incorporates internal audits of ESG-related data, and we consult with third-party subject matter experts on ESG matters as needed. In addition, we have an Enterprise Risk Management program led by senior managers and overseen by our Audit Committee through which we identify, evaluate and consider risks and corresponding mitigation strategies, including ESG risks.